• Cottage cheese

    Cottage cheese is rich in calcium and proteins, therefore it causes a feeling of satiety, and at the same time a small proportion of fat guarantees a healthy and nutritious meal. Produced by the traditional method and recipes, but using the latest technology from the best domestic milk, Zdenka fresh products are a real treat for your taste buds.

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  • Cheese spreads

    Cheese spreads are characterized by extremely creamy structure and rich taste of fresh cottage cheese. Products are of high nutritional value are a healthy and a tasty meal.

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  • Processed cheese

    Zdenka processed cheese in triangles stands for the processed cheese in almost every Croatian household, the cheese we have always liked.

    It is prepared according to the original recipe, with rich flavor and a creamy structure.

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  • Smoked cheese

    Zdenka cheeses, which are traditionally made ​​from the finest cow’s milk, have been refined with the natural flavor that gives them a specific aroma and a characteristic golden brown color.

    They have been often added as an ingredient to sauces, tasty sandwiches or pizzas.

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  • Hard and semi-hard cheese

    Made of the finest and highest quality milk, Zdenka cheese is synonymous with quality. The original domestic recipes in a combination with modern technology provide distinctive aroma and superior quality.

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  • Butter

    Produced according to the traditional recipe of a cooking cream, the butter Zdenka is a natural and delicious product.

    Make your favorite cake with it!

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The company headquarters is located in the central part of Croatia on the slopes of Bilogora, 35 km southeast of the town Bjelovar. Zdenka is a company with a long tradition in the cheese production. It was founded in 1897, in Veliki Zdenci – an agricultural and stockbreeding area with expressed milk production. Rich pastures were ideal conditions for milk production. Read more


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