Cheese spreads

Creamy texture and rich taste you can't resist

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Zdenka sirevi, načinjeni od najfinijeg mlijeka, sastavni su dio svakog obroka, donoseći bogatstvo okusa i tradicije na Vaš stol.
  • Hard and semi-hard cheese

    Made of the finest and highest quality milk - a synonym for quality.
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  • Cottage cheese

    Perfect choice for a healthy meal.
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  • Soft cheese slices

    Zdenka soft cheeses in slices are the best choice for a tasteful and fast snack.
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  • Sliced cheese

    The proven quality of sliced cheeses.
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  • Topljeni sirevi

    It is prepared according to the original recipe, with rich flavor and a creamy structure; besides being used as a spread, it is often used in cooking and as an ingredient in sauces and dishes. Choose a taste for yourself from the wide range of flavors: classic, Czardas, sandwich, champignons, special or light taste.
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  • Butter

    An indispensable part of the tasty and nutritious breakfast.
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  • Smoked cheese

    Smoky taste you have to try.
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